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Earth talk features conversations of food, farming, family and home through igniting the imagination of the citizens of the San Luis Obispo County region in creating a more sustainable food system. How do we move this food culture into the future?
Earth Talk Radio has been named one of the Top 11 Green Food Radio Shows in the U.S. by journalists at the Mother Nature Netword (MNN). MNN is the new earth-first environmental Website founded by Chuck Leavell, the noted eco-activist who doubles as long time keyboardist and musical director for the legendary Rolling Stones. MNN launched in January (visit us here:, a one-stop guide to greening your daily routine as big or as small as you want.

All 11 radio shows (along with a profile of our show) are here - Top 11 green food radio shows.

From Wendell Berry’s 1977 book “The Unsettling of America Culture & Agriculture”


What I have been trying to do is to define a pattern of disintegration that is at once cultural and agricultural. I have been groping for connections – that I think are indissoluble, though obscured by modern ambitions – between the spirit and the body, the body and other bodies, the body and the earth. If these connections do necessarily exist, as I believe they do, then it is impossible for material order to exist side by side with spiritual disorder, or vice versa, and impossible for one to thrive long at the expense of the other; it is impossible ultimately, to preserve ourselves apart from our willingness to preserve other creatures, or to respect and care for ourselves except as we respect and care for other creatures; and, most to the point of this book, it is impossible to care for each other more or differently than we care for the earth.